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Climate change as an impulse for the economy: Paths to a climate-neutral city


The future of climate change will be decided in the cities. Some two thirds of the human population of the Alps live and work in urban areas. That is where most power is consumed and that is where measures can be most directly implemented. Half of all power consumed is used in production processes, trades, commerce and services. Climate change thus poses an equal challenge to both cities and business. Sensible approaches to climate change mean bigger profits, new opportunities and more quality of life.

What role can the economy play in realising the vision of a “climate-neutral Alps”? How do municipalities use climate protection in promoting their location? What added value do adjustments to the consequences of climate change and climate protection contribute to the economy and quality of life? And what do business people need in order to go one step further? The “Alpine Town of the Year” association and the town of Brig-Glis will be offering unusual examples, impulses and answers to these questions at the workshop to be held on 30 January 2014 as part of the international Alpstar project.

The event was organised by the “Alpine Town of the Year” association with the support of the town of Brig-Glis, the 2008 Alpine Town of the Year. Alpstar is co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development in the context of the Alpine Space Programme.


Presentation "Mobility at Hilti" by Daniel Öhry

Presentation "Why Alpstar?" by Silvia Jost




(in German only)

 Martin Reis, Energieinstitut Vorarlberg


 Daniel Öhry, Hilti AG


 Kurt Altendorfer, SoLED


 Sven Braden, LIFE Klimastiftung


Gap Chambéry Brig-Glis Sondrio Sonthofen Herisau Trento Bolzano Bad Reichenhall Bad Aussee Belluno Villach Maribor Annecy Idrija Lecco Tolmin Tolmezzo Chamonix karte_alpen.png





 Impressions of the Workshop

Alpstar Workshop Teilnehmer

ALpstar Lonza Exkursion

Alpstar Marktplatz Teilnehmer

Alpstar Bild Rollup


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