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What is Alpstar about?

Jul 31, 2012

Alpstar project is addressing the need for well-directed and cross-cutting action to effectively manage climate change and reduction of climate-damaging emissions in the Alpine region, which was expressed by the Action Plan on Climate Change in the Alps approved within the frame of the Alpine Convention during the 10th Alpine Conference in march 2009.

Concretely, Alpstar is a transnational program, oriented for actions in green house gases (GHG) mitigation on territories, financed by both European program (Alpin Space) and national contribution.
12 Pilot regions in the entire Alpine Arch (from Slovenia to France, as seen on the map) as the project active core, will develope concrete local Climate Neutral Actions (CAN) through a global scheduled program (from 2011 to 2014) and, at the same time, build up a global territorial strategic plan to be gone a carbon neutral territory by 2050 (once again to be ambitious as well as realist: to be on the way to this important target).
The CNA will address all thematics dealing with GHG emissions: building, transportation, agriculture, energy production and consumption, etc.
As the common area of the Alps presents the same problematic for all regions (relief and valley, water resources, temperature, transportation difficulty,…), this actions could, and should, be transferable from a country to another.
The Alpstar program will facilitate this reproducibility by creation of appropriated tools: four main outputs could be therefore underlined:
o Free online good practices database including all important details to insure their reproducibility (good practice transfer platform)
o Involvement of policymakers and technical staff network (creation of a project policy board)
o Workshop and on site visit for concrete ambitious constructions and projects
o Realization of territorial strategic and action plan in each pilot region
The global aim of Alpstar is clear: MAKE BEST PRACTICE MINIMUM STANDARD, to drive the Alps toward carbon neutrality.

More information:

Source: Alpstar bi annual newsletter, n°1 july 2012,

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